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PCI Trade Forum 2016, 20th of May 2016, Berlin, Germany, Kempinski Hotel Bristol




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Import decrease by China and volumes of PCI coal available at the market.
According to market players expectations, in 2016 China will continue to decrease external PCI coal purchasing, mostly relying on domestic suppliers.

Industry representatives ask the following questions:
- What importers are expected to increase PCI coal purchasing – India, Brazil, Taiwan or EU countries?
- How flexible will be production policy of mining companies in terms of changes at the market?

Asia is the most active market where Pulverized Coal Injection technology is applied.
According to Metal Expert estimates, approx. 45% of operating PCI systems (excl. China) are installed at Asian plants, mainly in Japan, South Korea, India.

It is supposed that an expansion of PCI technology application will happen also due to Asian steel making facilities. By 2017 solely in India the launch of new blast furnaces with PCI systems installed is expected; production volumes will compose 23-24 million tons of pig iron per year.

Australia remains the leader in international PCI coal trade.
At the background of coal surplus in 2015, certain Australian suppliers reduced PCI coal production. Although some companies decided to sell steam coal and PCI coal mixes for power utilities in Asia. This set of measures assisted to partial balance renewal.

Russian PCI coal suppliers still prefer to be focused on European markets.
Due to Metal Expert estimates, in 2015 export reached almost 18 million tons (+20% to results of 2014), major part of these volumes was delivered to European buyers.

Will long-term contracts share grow for PCI coal market after purchasing reduction by China being the major spot buyer?

Within past 2 years spot quotes for Australian PCI coal decreased on average by 40%, in the start of 2016 they composed 66-68 $/t FOB. The main reason was the weakening of demand from China being the biggest importer.

19 May 2016 \ Thursday – preliminary Registration & Cocktail Reception

20 May 2016 \ Friday – Conference Day

Main Topics of the Conference:
  • Development of PCI coal market: perspectives for 2016\ 17
  • Influence of raw materials & fuel quotes on PCI coal pricing
  • PCI coal: Seller’s market in the total weak coal demand (Australia, Russia, USA)
  • Consumption of PCI coal in blast-furnaces: key regional markets (China, India, Brazil, Europe )
  • Economical using of Pulverized Coal Injection technology in the weak markets of met raw materials
  • Reasonability of PCI technology application in blast furnaces
  • Market of high-quality coke for the application jointly with PCI systems
  • Stable quality indicators of coal for pulverized product: opportunities and ways to reach
  • Pulverized coal injection technology: universality and individuality

    We invite to join:
  • steel making enterprises
  • coke & chemical plants
  • coal preparation plants
  • PCI & coke producers
  • PCI & coke traders
  • sea shipping companies
  • railway operators
  • terminal operators \ ports \ stevedores
  • PCI technologies & equipment suppliers
  • surveyors & inspection companies

    For more details regarding Registration & Participation, please contact:

    Igor Ermolenko
    Project Manager
    +38 056 794 33 94, ext. 217
    +7 499 346 20 40, ext. 217
    Alex Yeremenko
    Project Manager
    +38 056 794 33 94, ext. 228
    +7 499 346 20 40, ext. 228

    For more details regarding Speaking Opportunities, please contact:

    Anna Sydorenko
    Department Head
    +38 056 794 33 94, ext. 204
    +7 499 346 20 40, ext. 204

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